WLN Releases a New Issue and a New DEC

  • Mar 3, 2024

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship has released volume 48, number 3. The new issue features work by Caitie Wisniewski, Elizabeth Busekrus Blackmon, Maggie M. Herb, Bonnie Devet, Mollie Bowman, Alex Tate-Moffo, and Dani Lester. View the new issue

WLN has also published its fourth Digital Edited Collection. The Post-Pandemic Writing Center, edited by Sarah Rice, John Katunich, and Noreen Lape, can be viewed on the DEC series page. This new collection features work by Abby Bernard, Niah Wilson, and Michelle Miley; Dana Driscoll and Andrew Yim; Christopher LeCluyse; Jack Friedman, Ryann Liljenstolpe, Dominique Morra, Alex Rodriguez, Andrea Scott, and Gabriel Scherman; John Katunich; Julia Lane, Mohsen Hosseinpour Moghaddam, Kate Elliott, and Mackenzie Graves; Kara Wittman, Jenny Thomas, and Ashlee Moreno; Makenna Myers, Kaylee De La Motte, Kirstie Skogerboe, and Seth Skogerboe; Nikki Chasteen, Kelly Concannon, Kevin Dvorak, Eric Mason, and Janine Morris; Noreen Lape; Ryan Madan, Kristina Reardon, and Christina Santana; Sarah Rice; and Vanessa Abraham, Emily Poland, Ben Warren, and Anna Wendel.