Distinguished Fellows of the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum

Combined Logos of the WAC Clearinghouse and AWACThe Association for Writing Across the Curriculum and the WAC Clearinghouse sponsor awards that recognize contributions to the WAC community through scholarship, service, and achievement. Nominations are solicited prior to each International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, and awards winners are announced at the conference.

The following members of the WAC community have been designated as Distinguished Fellows of the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum. This award recognizes distinguished scholars (i.e., scholars in field for at least 10 years) who have made significant contributions to the field of WAC through scholarship, service, and/or achievement. This is an award that continues beyond the year in which it was made.

Chris M. Anson Photo
Chris M. Anson
North Carolina State University
Inducted: 2021
Charles Bazerman Photo
Charles Bazerman
University of California Santa Barbara
Inducted: 2021
John C. Bean Photo
John C. Bean
Seattle University
Inducted: 2021
Vicki Tolar Burton Photo
Vicki Tolar Burton
Oregon State University
Inducted: 2021
Paula Carlino Photo
Paula Carlino
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Inducted: 2021
Michael Carter Photo
Michael Carter
North Carolina State University
Inducted: 2023
Julia Chen Photo
Julia Chen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Inducted: 2021
Pamela B. Childers Photo
Pamela B. Childers
The McCallie School
Inducted: 2021
Michelle Cox Photo
Michelle Trillium Crow
Cornell University
Inducted: 2021
Tiane Donahue Photo
Tiane Donahue
Inducted: 2023
Pamela Flash Photo
Pamela Flash
University of Minnesota
Inducted: 2021
Toby Fulwiler Photo
Toby Fulwiler
University of Vermont
Inducted: 2023
Jeffrey R. Galin Photo
Jeffrey R. Galin
Florida Atlantic University
Inducted: 2021
Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams Photo
Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams
Coventry University
Inducted: 2023
Anne Ruggles Gere Photo
Anne Ruggles Gere
University of Michigan
Inducted: 2023
Magnus Gustafsson Photo
Magnus Gustafsson
Chalmers University of Technology
Inducted: 2021
Otto Kruse Photo
Otto Kruse
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Inducted: 2023
Elaine Maimon Photo
Elaine Maimon
Governors State University
Inducted: 2021
Susan H. McLeod Photo
Susan H. McLeod
University of California Santa Barbara
Inducted: 2021
Dan Melzer Photo
Dan Melzer
University of California Davis
Inducted: 2021
Joan A. Mullin Photo
Joan A. Mullin
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Inducted: 2021
Mike Palmquist Photo
Mike Palmquist
Colorado State University
Inducted: 2021
Anthony Pare Photo
Anthony Paré
University of British Columbia
Inducted: 2021
Michael A. Pemberton Photo
Michael A. Pemberton
Georgia Southern University
Inducted: 2021
Teresa M. Redd Photo
Teresa M. Redd
Howard University
Inducted: 2021
Georgia Rhoades Photo
Georgia Rhoades
Appalachian State University
Inducted: 2021
David R. Russell Photo
David R. Russell
Iowa State University
Inducted: 2021
Carol Rutz Photo
Carol Rutz
Carleton College
Inducted: 2021
Margon Soven Photo
Margo Soven
LaSalle University
Inducted: 2023
Chris Thaiss Photo
Chris Thaiss
University of California Davis
Inducted: 2021
Martha Townsend Photo
Martha A. (Marty) Townsend
Inducted: 2021
Barbara Walvoord Photo
Barbara Walvoord
Notre Dame
Inducted: 2021
Art Young Photo
Art Young
Clemson University
Inducted: 2021
Terry Myers Zawacki Photo
Terry Myers Zawacki
George Mason University
Inducted: 2021
Pavel Zemliansky Photo
Pavel Zemliansky
Oslo Metropolitan University
Inducted: 2021