Statement on Language for Submission and Publication

Research traditions in writing studies are represented through our language practices, and the language of publication is often a political and identity decision. In addition, different regions, languages, and traditions develop their own relatively specific perspectives and methodologies to address their own interests and research problems. This diversity is not always apparent as center/periphery dynamics in knowledge-making often prevent an equal international exchange of scholarship.

The International Exchanges Series has expanded the languages of publication with the aim of fostering knowledge-building and community across languages and audiences. Currently, submitted manuscripts can be written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or combinations of these languages. We hope to continue this expansion, and, if queried in advance, will consider manuscripts submitted in additional languages depending on the availability of guest editors and other production resources.

For the sake of administrative simplicity, however, letters of submission, contracts, and other paperwork will be written in English. Language assistance will be available if needed. Further, to facilitate indexation, submissions in languages other than English should include abstracts in English for the complete book or/and for each chapter.