Academic Labor: Research and Artistry is a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal launched in 2016 by the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) at Colorado State University. ALRA seeks to motivate ongoing research on matters relating to tenure and contingency in the academy. In particular, it serves as a venue for scholars working in areas broadly defined as tenure studies and contingency studies. The editors of ALRA encourage a wide range of contributions, from the statistical to the historic/archival, from the theoretical to the applied, from the researched to the creative, and from empirical to essayist forms. The journal's editors and reviewers include social scientists, artists, and theorists specializing in labor issues.

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Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2023: Onboarding, Observing, Offering, and Organizing: A Special Issue of ALRA in the Late COVID Period

Edited by Martha McCaughey, University of Wyoming

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"I Prep Longer, Worry More, and Don’t Talk About Potentially Controversial Topics in My Field:" The Impact of Student Complaints on Faculty Work
Stella Anderson, Sandie Gravett, and Martha McCaughey

Faculty De-Professionalization and Organizing: A Report from the Trenches
Michael C. Behrent

Organizing for Faculty Solidarity and Community During the Covid-19 Crisis and Beyond
Caroline K. Kaltefleiter

Amber Moore

The Organizing Drive of Student Employee Library Workers at UChicago: “The Corporate Bosses Aren’t Your Friends”
Veronica Popp

Speaking of Dignity: Interviews with Non-Unionized Adjunct Faculty at a Catholic Church-affiliated University
Jacob A. Bennett

Reconceptualizing the Academic Community for More Inclusive Knowledge Advancement: Breaking the Divide Between Academic and Non-Academic Staff
Alicja Rybkowska and Ana Godonoga


Review of Derek Bok’s Higher Expectations: Can Colleges Teach What Students Need to Learn in the 21st Century?
Roger L. Geiger

Review of Sara Ahmed’s Complaint!
Asilia Franklin-Phipps

Review of Joe Berry and Helena Worthen’s Power Despite Precarity: Strategies for the Contingent Faculty Movement in Higher Education
Joe Schicke

Review of Richie Zweigenhaft’s Jews, Palestinians, and Friends: 45 Years at a Quaker College (Sort of a Memoir)
Larry Carver

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