The CCCC Writing Across the Curriculum Standing Group (WAC SG) was established in April 2017. It was proposed by the board of the International Network of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs (INWAC), which had led Special Interest Group meetings at CCCC for over thirty years. The shift to a WAC SG formalizes the relationship with CCCC, creates a rotating elected leadership, and a place on the schedule through a sponsored panel or workshop, as well as an annual business meeting. 

Below, we share the purpose of this group, provide links to the bylaws and membership, and list current and past officers. 


The WAC SG was established in April 2017 and held its first business meeting and sponsored panel at CCCC 2018. The purpose of the WAC SG is to:

  • Discuss possible areas of need in writing across the curriculum, writing in the discipline and writing across communities research within CCCC and in secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the US and abroad.
  • Provide a space for writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and  writing across communities researchers to network with others in the community with complementary research projects.
  • Advocate for writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and writing  across communities within CCCC and in K-12 education in the US and internationally.
  • Foster mentorship for graduate students, faculty, and administrators interested in  WAC.
  • Organize special-topic CCCC panels on writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and writing across communities.

Read the WAC SG bylaws here.

Become a Member

By becoming a member of the WAC SG, you become eligible to vote for the WAC SG incoming chair as well as stand for election. All are welcome: WAC directors, instructors, researchers, and graduate students. Standing group members must be current CCCC members. To become a WAC SG member, complete this brief form.

Propose a WAC SG Sponsored Panel

As you plan for CCCC 2024, consider attending the WAC SG Sponsored Panel, "Writing Abundance Across the Curriculum" (see details on the sidebar). And as you look forward to the next CCCC, consider submitting a proposal for the WAC SC panel. We are interested in innovative proposals that push forward the scholarship of WAC while also connecting to the conference theme. Proposal details for the CCCC 2025 WAC SG Sponsored Panel will be shared shortly after the 2024 CCCC in Spokane. 

Nominations for Incoming Chair

Each fall, the CCCC WAC SG seeks nominations for Incoming Chair. The Incoming Chair assists the Chair and Outgoing Chair in selecting a sponsored panel, planning the business meeting, and planning other WAC SG activities. This is a three-year commitment, as the Incoming Chair rotates to the Chair and Outgoing Chair positions. Any CCCC WAC SG member is eligible to be nominated for Incoming Chair. Watch for the call for nominations in early fall. 

Current Officers

  • Lee Nickoson, WAC SG Outgoing Chair 
  • Crystal Fodrey, WAC SG Chair 
  • Elizabeth Wardle, WAC SG Incoming Chair

Past Officers

  • Christopher Basgier, 2020-2022
  • Jeffrey R. Galin, 2019-2021
  • Michelle Cox, 2018-2019
  • Dan Melzer, 2017-2018

Annual Reports

  • WAC SG Annual Report 2022
  • WAC SG Annual Report 2021
  • WAC SG Annual Report 2020
  • WAC SG Annual Report 2019
  • WAC SG Annual Report 2018

Last revised on November 27, 2022