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IWAC 2008: Keynote Addresses

Three keynote addresses were delivered during the conference.

Freshman Writing, WAC and Beyond: Is It Time for A Paradigm Shift?
Anne Beaufort, University of Washington at Tacoma, USA
May 29, 5:30 p.m.

A paradigm for WAC work was established in the early 1980s at a number of institutions in the US and has not undergone any significant revisions since. And, institutions newer to a WAC model for writing instruction look to more senior colleagues and programs for guidance. Now, there is a greater understanding of writers' developmental processes, and of the nature of writing expertise. What then are the implications for those who design and lead writing across and within disciplines work, nationally and internationally? We will consider at least one researcher's vantage point on this question in the keynote. Anne Beaufort's appearance was supported in part by Utah State University Press.

Writing Across International and Curricular Borders
Charles Bazerman, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Françoise Boch, Université Stendahl, Grenoble, France (View Presentation)
John Harbord, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (View Presentation)
Cinthia Gannett, Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Mary Scott, Institute of Education, University of London, England
May 30, 7:30 a.m.

Plenary Session: The Future of WAC
Sue McLeod, Research Professor, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
May 31, 1:15 p.m.