Portfolio Postscript Questions - Thomas

Please type your answers to the following questions underneath each respective question in plain type. Answer as thoroughly and completely as time allows (you have the whole class period). I will weigh your postscript answers quite heavily in evaluating your portfolio. While the finished pieces are, of course, the center of the portfolio, your discussion of them in the cover sheet and postscript will demonstrate your understanding or writing-in-context in ways that the pieces alone cannot. In other words, you are advised to take this seriously. Proofreading and spell checking are advised! When you finish, print your postscript, place it in your portfolio and turn in your two folders. Then relax! You've earned it!

1. Evaluate your pieces based on the grading criteria we have agreed upon as a class as modified for your contexts. What are the key strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio?

2. If you had "all the time in the world" (or at least a few more days), how would you revise/improve your pieces?

3. What are the most valuable lessons you learned from compiling this portfolio?

4. Is there anything else you would like me to consider as I read and evaluate your portfolio?

5. My comments on your portfolio will serve two functions--(1) as an evaluation of your work and justification of the grade I assign and (2) some reader responses to your pieces. Is there anything in particular that you would like me to comment upon?