Criteria for Rhetorical Analysis - Kiefer

Purpose - A rhetorical analysis is a careful examination of an argument to question how and why it was put together as it was. Our rhetorical analyses this semester will begin with the REALM questions presented on the class handout.

Audience - our CO300 class

Organization - Your analysis will probably follow the pattern of the REALM questions at first. If you can see a way to revise paragraphs of analysis on each point into an essay, do so. If not, a paragraph or two on each REALM point will suffice for this portfolio.

Development - Include enough detail in your analysis to make it convincing to others who might have reacted to the essay differently. Unsupported assertions are not acceptable in this analysis.

Coherence - Make sure the connections between points of analysis and evidence are clear within each paragraph. If you revise your draft into an essay, make sure the essay as a whole flows smoothly, with each body paragraph supporting your overall claim and connecting one to the next.