Portfolio Process Requirements - Thomas

The purpose of these portfolio process requirements is to allow as much individuality and flexibility as possible while taken into account that we are all human beings with full schedules and limited resources. You want the freedom to work at your own pace and in your own style; I need to keep things organized and respond to the needs of the whole class. I will expect you to understand and adhere to these requirements.

Schedule. We will put together a master schedule based on topics we need to cover in order for you to write the pieces for your portfolio and specify the context you imagine you are writing them in. After surveying the class, I will put a copy of the master schedule on our class page. Any changes to that schedule will be posted in Daily messages on the forum. Each student is responsible for keeping track of the schedule and for meeting his/her deadlines. You will lose 2 participation points for each day past a deadline that you turn something in. Keep in mind that you must turn everything in, even if it is late.

Documenting sources. Everyone will submit an annotated bibliography which lists all sources consulted and cited. This bibliography must include both sources used in writing and used for context analysis. All material used in writing which is not the writer's personal experience must be documented or referenced in some way, but the style depends on the target audience. When you analyze your target publications, be sure to look for documentation style used therein. Make and keep copies of all sources; I may ask to see them.

Feedback. You are required to obtain feedback from me at least once for each piece that ends up in your portfolio. If a piece appears in your portfolio that I've never seen nor heard about from you, I reserve the right to reject it. That feedback may consist of a conference between us about your ideas, plans, or early draft OR you may submit a draft. In either case, you will direct the feedback by asking me specific questions. Please don't hand or e-mail me a draft and ask, "What do you think?" Take responsibility for your writing and use me as a reader, fellow writer, and coach. Please allow me at least 48 hours turnaround. If I need longer than that, I will let you know when you submit your draft.

Workshops. On designated workshop days, you must bring a draft-in-progress and participate in peer review. The goal of peer review is obtaining a variety of responses to your work. You are not obligated to enact this advice, just to respectfully consider it. By the same token, you are expected to provide honest, thorough, specific and helpful comments to your peers on their work. Workshop drafts must be typed. Comments must be typed or written and must bear the reviewer's name. You will be expected to receive comments from at least 3 peers on each piece in your portfolio.

Work days. We may have a few class periods designated as work days. This is to allow you to write, do research, discuss your paper, etc., with peers and instructor at hand. You may only do work related to this class and are expected to work rather than socialize.