Policy Statement - Myers

CO301A Section 03
Instructor: Tiffany Myers
Office: Eddy 322A
Office Phone: 491-6417
Office Hours: TR 9:30-11 and by appointment
E-mail: riteme@frii.com

Required Materials: Writing About the Humanities, by Robert Diyanni
Prerequisite: CO150 or equivalent
Course Description: This course assumes complete control of the skills developed in CO150 so that students can go well beyond introductory academic writing. This course also assumes that writing is central to your life and that you enjoy doing it. Students in this section will address topics and issues of interest in the arts and humanities and will learn and practice rhetorical strategies for directing specialized subject matter to diverse audiences.

The goal of this class is to give students practice writing for specific rhetorical contexts related to the humanities. We will look not only at the different disciplines within the humanities, but also at how to read, write, and think as a member of that community. After taking this class, students should be able to act as a chameleon, being able to easily participate in any academic discussion related to the humanities.

In addition, this course emphasizes the writing process and focuses on revising, workshopping, and editing. Therefore, CO301A is designed as an interactive writing workshop in which you will learn from working closely with one another. Students will approach the essays of their peers critically, relying on each other for ideas and feedback. Therefore, active participation in group work is essential. This is a very demanding course! You must be willing to commit significant time and effort to successfully complete CO301.

Attendance and Tardiness: Students are expected to attend all class sessions and work only on CO301 writing assignments during class. You are also expected to come to class prepared each day, even if you were absent during the previous class period. As for absences, you are allowed to miss four classes with no questions asked. However, keep in mind that taking more than four absences will result in a lowering of your final grade by a maximum of 5% for each class period you have missed over the designated limit. I also reserve the right to count you absent if you show up for class unprepared. For example, be assured that if you come to class on a workshop day without a workshop draft, you may be asked to leave.

Be warned! If you are not present when attendance is taken, you will be counted absent. It is your responsibility to inform me after class if you have arrived late so that I can add your name to the attendance record as tardy instead of absent. Please note: If a student receives four tardy markings in the attendance book, they will be counted as one full absence.

Late Papers: Out of fairness to all students, late assignments will be penalized. An assignment is considered late if you have failed to hand in your assignment by the beginning of the scheduled class period. Handing in a final paper late will result in a grade deduction of one letter grade for each day the assignment fails to reach me. Daily homework assignments and quizzes will not be accepted late. If you miss the class in which the assignment is due, then you have missed the deadline! In the event of a serious emergency which prevents you from handing in your paper on time, you must contact me at least 12 hours before the due date of the paper.

Documentation: Much of your writing for this course will be based on outside sources. All writing must be your original work. Outside research must be properly documented using MLA citation format. Improper documentation--including all forms of plagiarism--merits an "F" for the paper and possible dismissal from the class.

Writing Center: Eddy Hall, Room 6 or https://writing.colostate.edu
The Writing Center is a wonderful resource available to all students free of charge. Although the Writing Center tutors will not write your paper for you, they can be instrumental in helping you grasp particularly difficult or confusing writing assignments. Feel free to stop by or utilize online tutorial service located at the above address.

Open Door Policy: If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me. I am always available during my scheduled office hours (TR 9:30-11) or by appointment. However, if your question is brief and specific, the easiest way to get hold of me is often through e-mail. If you prefer this method to a face-to-face conference, contact me at riteme@frii.com