Points to Consider when Commenting on Annotated Bibliography Drafts

  • Do you see any problems with the MLA style? Are there format points that you believe need to be looked up?
  • Are the annotations concise and to the point? Are there sentences that could be combined to make the annotations more concise? Are there sentences that just seem to repeat information already given? Are there sentences that don't really say anything at all?
  • Can you clearly pick out the main point of each article that has been annotated?
  • Is the stance of each article clear?
  • Has the writer put any of the articles in conversation with one another? Which articles appear to you to be ones that could be linked? Are there any links between articles that seem artificial?
  • Are the articles organized in a logical manner (i.e., alphabetically, categorically, chronologically)? What suggestions can you make about changes in the presentation of the annotations?
  • Does the author make any personal judgments about the articles? Is it clear what information is the author's and what information is the writer's? Is the writer's opinion appropriately included?
  • Does the annotation give you a clear sense of what the article is about and perhaps how it might be helpful to you as a reader of this annotated bibliography? Does the bibliography achieve its purpose?