Upcoming Symposium on Generative AI

  • Apr 12, 2023

A virtual symposium on the threats and opportunities of AI and contract cheating will be held April 17-21. Sponsored by the University of California San Diego Academic Integrity Office, it will include a presentation by Anna Mills, whose resource collection “AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry” is housed on the WAC Clearinghouse. 

From the Symposium website: The integrity of the teaching and learning mission of universities is facing a challenge unlike those experienced in the past with the growth in companies and people who will complete academic work on behalf of students and the launch of generative artificial intelligence that provides answers and assignments in a matter of seconds. We cannot keep teaching, learning, and assessing as we did in the 20th century, and we can't ignore our societal obligation to ensure that our degrees are accurate representations of a graduate’s knowledge and skills.

This virtual symposium is divided into three parts: i) outlining the threats and opportunities posed by the contract cheating industry and artificial intelligence; ii) exploring the solutions for responding; and, iii) drafting a best practices document for use by University of California community members in ensuring academic integrity.

The symposium, sponsored and organized by the Academic Integrity Office at UC San Diego, is open for all University of California system members and is free of charge. Attend one or more of the live sessions.

Learn more at academicintegrity.ucsd.edu/events/virtual-symposium.html. Please direct questions to the symposium organizers at integrity@ucsd.edu