Threshold Conscripts: Rhetoric and Composition Teaching Assistantships

  • Jan 27, 2023

Cover of Threshold ConscriptsThreshold Conscripts: Rhetoric and Composition Teaching Assistantships explores the ways in which graduate teaching assistants are prepared to enter the field of rhetoric and composition. This richly textured, open-access collection was edited by William J. Macauley, Jr., Leslie R. Anglesey, Brady Edwards, Kathryn M. Lambrecht, and Phillip K. Lovas.

By viewing teaching and learning from the perspective of the TAs themselves, the chapters, personal narratives, and program profiles that make up this collection speak to the diversity and complexity found within and beyond university walls and deepen our understanding of how these preparation programs shape TA identities and practices. Through their stories and reports, the contributors to this volume provide valuable insights into the programs, realities, and experiences that shape their work in rhetoric and composition.