Prompt Journal Seeks Site Editor and Associate Production Editor

  • Mar 8, 2024

Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments seeks applications for a Site Editor and for an Associate Production Editor. Key roles and responsibilities for each of these positions are described below. These positions are essential to maintaining the professionalism, accessibility, and functionality of the journal. This call will remain open until positions are filled, but preference will be given to applications received by April 19, 2024. The roles are unpaid. For those unfamiliar with the journal, Prompt is a scholar-run, open-access, peer-reviewed online journal. It publishes academic writing assignments, accompanied by reflective essays, from all academic disciplines. Its articles bring together theory and praxis to promote better teaching of writing as well as illuminate the complexities of teaching writing in context. The journal publishes two issues a year with an average of 4 to 6 articles per issue. More information about the journal, including recently published articles and issue archives, is available here:

Site Editor

The Site Editor reports to the Prompt co-editors and liaises with Prompt's Production Editor. The workload for this position is generally light, with periodic needs for intensive attention for upgrades, necessary maintenance, and troubleshooting. (For applicants who might desire a more ongoing role, there are possibilities for expanding the role as well.) The Site Editor for Prompt will:

  • maintain the OJS3 installation, and related webserver and database upgrades and installations, for Prompt
  • oversee site security, ensuring regular back-ups in case of site failure
  • explore and develop plugins or other customizations to enhance workflow and UI for Prompt's OJS3 install

An ideal Site Editor will:

  • be familiar with or prepared to learn OJS3's interfaces, both command-line and web-based
  • be familiar with or prepared to learn OJS3's back-end structure (file structure, packages required, database structure, etc.)
  • have basic background in LAMP server/webserver maintenance and operation
  • have basic background in Linux command-line interfaces, shell scripting, etc.
  • be interested in and engaged with public knowledge production (journals, blogs; library or information sciences; etc.)

To be considered for a three-year term as Site Editor, please submit a vitae and a 1-page letter of interest explaining your credentials to journal co-editor Rick Fisher at

Associate Production Editor

The Associate Production Editor works with the Production Editor to digitally typeset, produce, and publish Prompt on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. The Associate Production Editor reports to the journal’s Production Editor. The work of the production team is heaviest in the two months leading up to issue publication (currently Jan/Feb and July) as the team works to finalize 4 to 6 articles plus related materials. Specifically, the Associate Production Editor will:

  • use open-source tools (Atom, VIM, LaTeX, and Pandoc) to convert copy-edited article manuscripts in Word format to Markdown format
  • use Zotero to produce BibTeX bibliographies for each article
  • use open-source tools to produce and make final edits to PDF galleys from their Markdown source
  • use open-source tools to produce and publish the clean final PDF and HTML version of Prompt articles

An ideal Associate Production Editor will:

  • be familiar with basic Markdown, LaTeX, and HTML syntax; and able to review documentation for these markup languages
  • be familiar with citation management systems, including Zotero
  • be familiar with basic command-line interface work in Linux and similar platforms
  • be familiar with text editing software (such as Atom or VIM)
  • be interested in learning about online publication platforms, including OJS

To be considered for a three-year term as Associate Production Editor, please submit a vitae and a 1-page letter of interest explaining your credentials to Prompt Production Editor Liz Hutter at