PARS in Charge: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Program Leaders

  • Jul 26, 2023

Green cover of PARS in Charge, showing a portion of a golf courseThis edited collection, the third in a series of books by editors Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle, explores the complexity of administrative positions within writing programs and how online courses make administration even more complex.

Drawing on the PARS framework (Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic) used in the first two books, PARS in Charge provides insights and examples from administrators across the country focusing on how they have implemented the PARS framework to be successful online writing program leaders in their specific leadership positions.

This book, like other books published by the Clearinghouse, will be available in a print edition from University Press of Colorado in the coming months. Thanks to Jessie and Casey for sharing it with us as an open-access publication. Thanks as well to the anonymous peer reviewers who contributed to its development.