New Book: Re-imagining Doctoral Writing

  • Oct 11, 2021

Cover of the book Re-imagining Doctoral Writing, which features an abstract patternRe-imagining Doctoral Writing, edited by Cecile Badenhorst, Brittany Amell, and James Burford, is now available in the International Exchanges on the Study of Writing series. This edited collection has gathered a diverse group of authors—from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, South Africa, the UK, Denmark, Canada, and the US—to consider challenging questions during a time in which doctoral education is undergoing enormous transformation. Together, the contributors to this collection explore how the practice of doctoral writing is entangled with broader concerns within doctoral education, including attrition, timeliness, the quality of supervision, the transferability of knowledge and skills to industry settings, research impact, research integrity, and the decolonization of the doctorate.

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