The WAC Clearinghouse

Volume 11, April 2000

The WAC Journal Becomes a National Journal: Since 1995, when we had presented our then five-year-old WAC journal at the National WAC Conference in Charleston and discovered no one else knew of any other campus WAC journals, we began thinking about expanding regionally and nationally. We felt too many of the articles in our journal were written by the same few authors (who also were members of the editorial board), and we wanted to hear and share more voices on WAC. But going national felt daunting, so for four years we hesitated. Finally, we received an article from a professor at Utica College of Syracuse University for this 2000 issue, an article first submitted to a different kind of journal, and then referred to us. We liked the article, published it, and with that we made the commitment to go national.

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Reflections on WAC

Tributes to Sally Boland, by Robert Miller with contributions from Mary-Lou Hinman, Robert E. Fitzpatrick, Sarah Miller, Meg Petersen, Roy Andrews and Tony Koschmann

Growing Up With WAC, by David Zehr

Confessions of a Newcomer: WAC in HI 112 at PSC, by David Flaten

Classroom Applications

Spotlight Interviews on Writing Assignments for Into Thin Air: David Zehr, Kim Smith & Shane Cutler, and Susan Noel Share Their Approaches, by Roy Andrews and Katherine Donahue

I Hate History Papers, by Horst Freyhofer

Authoring Assessment: Lessons From My Classroom, by Irene Mosedale

Hidden Behind the Faces That You Love: Seeing Parents in a Different Light, by Patricia Cantor and Meg Petersen

Student Voices

A Conversation Through the Looking Glass, by Mary Ann Janda

An Article in Review of Article Reviews, by Kandace Culver

The Seldom Heard Voices in Mary Lyon Basement: An Interview With Three College Writing Center Consultants, by Alys Culhane

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