The WAC Clearinghouse

Volume 3, Number 1 (Fall/Winter 1980)
Toward A Literate Democracy

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Preface, Sarah D'Eloia (pp. 1-2)

Mina Shaughnessy and the Teaching of Writing, Robert Lyons (pp. 3- 12)

Proceedings of the First Shaughnessy Memorial Conference April 3, 1980

Keynote Address, Virginia B. Smith (pp. 19-26)

Culture and Literacy, E.D. Hirsch, Jr. (pp. 27- 47)

Ethnocultural Dimensions in the Acquisition and Retention of Biliteracy, Joshua A. Fishman (pp. 48- 61)

Language, Ethnicity, and Change, Orlando Patterson (pp. 62- 73)

The Importance of Literacy, Richard Hoggart (pp. 74- 87)

Selected Speeches and Essays of Mina Pendo Shaugnessy

The English Professor's Malady (pp. 91- 97)

Some Needed Research on Writing (pp. 98- 103)

Open Admissions and the Disadvantaged Teacher (pp. 104- 108)

The Miserable Truth (pp. 109- 114)

Statement on Criteria for Writing Proficiency (pp. 115- 119)

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