Roots in the Sawdust: Writing to Learn Across the Disciplines

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By Anne Ruggles Gere
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CoverIn this collection, editor Anne Ruggles Gere offers a response to Arthur N. Applebee's call for "more situations in which writing can serve as a tool for learning rather than as a means to display acquired knowledge" (1982). Gere brings together teacher-authors from a wide variety of disciplines to detail how they have successfully used writing activities to improve their students' comprehension—without creating significant grading burdens for themselves.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter and Table of Contents

Introduction, Anne Ruggles Gere

Chapter 1. Writing to Learn: The Nurse Log Classroom, Steve Pearse

Chapter 2. Writing for Art Appreciation, Priscilla Zimmerman

Chapter 3. Writing to Learn German, Deborah Peterson

Chapter 4. Writing to Learn Social Studies, Bruce Beaman

Chapter 5. Teaching Special Education History Using Writing-to-Learn Strategies, Ray Marik

Chapter 6. Writing to Learn Science, Patricia Johnston

Chapter 7. Writing in Math Class, Don Schmidt

Chapter 8. Writing to Learn Philosophy, Jessie Yoshida

Chapter 9. Writing to Learn History, Tom Watson

Chapter 10. Better Writers, Better Thinkers, Stephen Arkle

Chapter 11. Writing to Learn Means Learning to Think, Syrene Forsman

Chapter 12. Thirty Aides in Every Classroom, Janet K. West

Chapter 13. The Course Journal, Pat Juell

Chapter 14. An Impartial Observer's View of Write-to-Learn Classes, Barbara Bronson

Chapter 15. Writing and Learning: What the Students Say, Ralph S. Stevens III

Glossary, Anne Ruggles Gere

Bibliography, Linda J. Clifton


Publication Information: Gere, Anne Ruggles (Ed.). (2012). Roots in the Sawdust: Writing to Learn Across the Disciplines. The WAC Clearinghouse. (Originally published in 1985 by National Council of Teachers of English)

Publication Date: July 12, 2012

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Landmark Publications in Writing Studies

Series Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University


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