Portfolio Checksheet (Gogela)

Please submit your required work for this unit in a two-pocket folder. Staple this check-sheet to the final draft of the essay you would like me to grade and place it in the right pocket of your folder for easy identification; everything else goes left.

Check off the following items to be included in your portfolio:
--Final draft of argument essay to be graded (10 points)
--Rough drafts and workshop sheets for same essay (2 points)
--Xerox copies of 4-6 varied and substantial sources (This may include a documented interview or a survey.) (4 points)
--Both intervention drafts (Remember if your convincing or your persuading draft received an 'R,' both drafts have to be passing for credit.) (4 points)

Grading Criteria for Argument Essay (Strong/OK/Weak)
--Appeal to specific audience
--Sense of purpose (convincing or persuading)
--Content, insights, thinking, grappling with topic
--Genuine revision, substantive changes
--Organization, structure, guiding the reader
--Language: Syntax, sentences, wording, voice
--Mechanics: Spelling, grammar, punctuation
--Documentation (in-text and Works Cited)

End Comments: