Workshop 2 on Annotated Bibliography

Your annotated bibliography may be organized chronologically, by publication date, or alphabetically. Whichever arrangement you choose, use it consistently.

The purpose of this workshop is to spot errors or rough spots before they come to my attention. Please take a close look at the following:

  1. Are the works documented properly? Get out your cheat-sheet and double-check when in doubt. Keep in mind that your workshop partner would like you to work on his or her bibliography as hard as you want him or her to work on yours.
  2. Carefully read the annotation. Does it make sense? Does it include pertinent information that seems valuable even to an outside reader? Next, take a close look at the source; read a little and get a feel for what kind of information you can glean. Is there anything that should be included in the annotation?
  3. Last but not least: mechanics. Please point out grammatical or spelling errors to your workshop partner because they will distract us--and diminish the value of the annotated bibliography.

Be sure to put your name in the upper right-hand corner of your workshop partner's bibliography so I can determine your efforts as a serious editor.