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Snaking texts

Eric Crump

Yes! This is what I've got in mind (but always do such a shoddy job of articulating). People submit texts that they've composed or found, they are stored in RhetNet, but those chunks of words continue to grow as layers of commentary accrues, as tangential rhizomes sprout and wriggle off in new directions.

Victor Vitanza said:
>Please keep in mind, however, that the
>originally published document would remain
>the same in its pristine original version, but would NOT,
>in another sense, remain the same because edited
>by way of the serpentine, Byzantine lexias.

Byzantine lexias. I love that. Might have been a better name for the journal!

Date:         Wed, 1 Feb 1995 01:22:42 -0500
Sender: CyberJournal for Rhetoric and Writing 
From: Eric Crump 
Subject:      Re: all: editing?

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