RhetNetApril 1994


Geoff Sirc

It might be nice if Rhetnet could be arranged to suit almost everyone's desires. I'm still heavily influenced by Robert Venturi as rhetor, in this case his notion of the megatexture of buildings--the way the building is (conceptually) almost cubistically broken down into variable layers. I'd like to think about Rhetnet that way. Call them departments, maybe, which might be too print-based for people that bristle at anything smacking of print.

Departments (or whatever) might include, but are not limited to:

To Organize: Possibly there could be an annotated CONTENTS list, where the various submissions were abstracted or something. People could choose what they wanted based on the abstracts. The CONTENTS & DEPARTMENTS concept might be used structurally according to Eric's TOPICS functions. In any event, something like this would make Rhetnet be whatever readers were interested in it being.

P.S. I thought Traci Gardner's description of a 4C's room covered in yarn and tacks and scribbled-over index cards and posters was beautiful--highly megatextural.

Date:         Tue, 12 Apr 1994 10:26:43 -0500
Sender:       CyberJournal for Rhetoric and Writing 
From:         "Geoffrey M. Sirc" 
Subject:      Megatext

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