RhetNetFebruary 1995

Morphing Editors:
Re-envisioning roles in network publication

A web of texts from Rhetnt-L*

This collection of texts were siphoned off a discussion on Rhetnt-L, the list that serves RhetNet. The current structure of this particular web of texts is somewhat crude, but that not so much a problem as a challenge. It's something to keep shaping. Further commentary on the subject at hand or suggestions about how to construct the web are quite welcome. Feel free to use the link at the end of this document.

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Feel free to add a general comment or a response to particular texts. All new comments will be added to the web and linked from this page, but you can also suggest links among existing or new texts or to other places on the web--from anywhere here, to anywhere anywhere.

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* The Listserv list serving RhetNet. To subscribe send mail to listserv@mizzou1.missouri.edu, leave the subject line blank, and in the first line put: subscribe rhetnt-l firstname lastname

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