Re: (Fwd: *C&CD*) The main problem (*DIGEST*) (17 lines)
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 12:48:04 -0500

Me or you giving the cheap shot? I certainly did, and felt bad all day.
But let me set up a scenario for you. The law provides that a writing
specialist be assigned to any interdisciplinary group writing an Environmental
Impact STatement. Let's assume that I'm the writer for a the Department of
Transportation, which wants to throw a freeway through my favorite canyon.
I'm violently opposed to this, but as the process unfolds, I lose the fight
and the freeway is approved. In writing up the statement, I must record
a process and a decision that I loathe. But my job is to inform the
public. Nor would I be an ethical person if I slanted my writing to make
it appear the other side was a bunch of crooked slobs. In most cases
of this sort, even the one you mention, it's not a case of Luther before
the Pope. It's differing views. Ron Shook