RE: apologies

timothy janda (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:44:44 -0500

Dear MBU-L members:

..and after they become administrators, it would seem, they lose
their sense of humor.

But seriously, my attempt at humor (in part, self-effacing since I have
been at various times a teacher who writes, a writer who teaches, and a
teacher of teachers--haven't yet aspired to climb that administrative wrung
though) was not seen as such by most, and was a thoughtless, knee-jerk reaction
to a previous post. My comment, flippantly made and meant to interject a
bit of levity into a thread, certainly didn't translate as such given the
medium (I guess I should have drawn one of those little smiley faces
after it). I also realize that calling it "humor" isn't a valid
excuse for poor taste and a lack of judgement.

I have learned my lesson, feel embarrassed and contrite, and offer my
sincere apologies to anyone whom I might have offended. I really didn't
mean to denigrate the profession since, after all, I too am a teacher
(it was either that or become a munitions designer, which, by the way,
pays better if anyone is interested in making a career change).

Now, rather than wasting any more time flaming sophmoric comedians,
(something that's beneath the caliber of most of the folks on this
list) let's get on to more relevant issues. Anyone up for discussing the
national debt? ;)