Re: Apologies

Michael Benedict (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 19:31:38 -0500

My comment, flippantly made and meant to interject a
>bit of levity into a thread, certainly didn't translate as such given the
>medium (I guess I should have drawn one of those little smiley faces
>after it). I also realize that calling it "humor" isn't a valid
>excuse for poor taste and a lack of judgement.

My apologies are needed here too...and I also enter mine for my knee-jerk
reaction earlier today...I guess that my sensitivity to the issue arises
from the fact that our profession is being attacked from all sides <witness
the move to privatize public education by issuing the "Big Lie" and all its
attendant little lies>. I just felt that we did not need to perpetuate the
myth that "those who can't, teach."

--Mike Benedict

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