Re: freewriting

Dave Lewis (dlewis@GANET.NET)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 18:48:19 -0400

>>you deftly describe the distinction i was going for in the last phrase i
>>quote here, "... and this practical wisdom can then INFORM practice."
>>(emphasis mine). i wish to warn against the possibility of our stories
>>*becoming* practice.

<two significant paragraphs deleted to save time>

>In my experience, anyway, teachers do base their practice on what they've
>seen/heard/learned. So, in essence, our stories DO become practice.

>Good teachers are constantly re-examining this practice,

A very important qualification; and by extension, we might infer that some
not-so-good teachers (or just plain worn-out teachers) might not constantly
re-examine their practice. Should they cease the constant re-examination,
then their "practical wisdom" -- frozen in time -- *becomes* their practice
-- just as Mike warned against.

>but nonetheless, we
>generalize about what worked/didn't work before and act accordingly. How
>is this any different?
>--Becky, who's trying, ala hugh burns, to remember her porpoise....

<loud groan at this porpoiseful attempt to encourage wider discussion>


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