Re: freewriting

Claudine Keenan (cgk4@PSU.EDU)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 21:43:36 GMT

At 04:29 PM 7/24/96 -0600, Michael J. Salvo wrote:

>so i think that here, in collecting our stories, *i'm* looking for
>confluences and differences that may help me understand different
>composing styles.

yeah, Mike, that's it. It's not that I don't write like "they" do--it's
that I don't write like you do, or like Becky does, or like anyone else
does. I'm guessing that sharing our stories will probably show us once and
for all that's it's not about the way "we" write at all: it's about the way
you write, and the way she writes and the way he writes...our stories
(reminds me of an NCTE theme, huh?) about how we write are as individual as
we are, so how can that inform our practice?

>i don't want to define or characterize what i find,
>but become familiar with difference/(s).

which is, of course, the first step toward gaining *respect* for diversity.
If we remain ignorant of the wide variety among learning/writing styles of
each other and of our students, we'll never get there. This is a great
place to start.

Claudine Keenan
Penn State Allentown
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