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Controlled or Chaotic?
Composed or Conversational?

A lively debate about the evolving shape of conference presentations (and the implications for scholarship and knowledge) and about the kinds of language used at professional meetings.

Friend or Foe?
Intractable Annoyance or Intractable Elegance?

A CFP for a new journal, Space and Culture, was posted to Rhetnt-L early in October and the discussion it sparked lasted the rest of the month. Some folks found the language in the announcement vague to the point of inscrutability. Others either found it understandable or defended its obscurity. The editor of Space and Culture, Ian Roderick, joined the discussion soon after it began to defend and explain the language choices he and his colleagues had made. This conversation is a particular case of what's a common-enough debate about the rhetorical and political effects of specialized language.

>>Sep96<< <
Tenure Devolution, Victor's New Nomadic TechnoRhetorical Circus, & the seeds of Inter*versity

This conversation began on Rhetnt-L with a cross-post from another list describing the regents-initiated tenure revisions that were in process at the University of Minnesota at the time. The ensuing discussion veered into questions about whether the troub les with tenure were heralding troubles with the institution as a whole and what those troubles might portend for education. One answer, problematic to be sure, was institutional evactuation: educators leaving the nest to create new educational environmen ts in the new worlds created by digital technologies. The Interversity list and web site were born as a result.

Let's play...
Gradegame II


A Dash of Rhetorical Theory in Your Pedagogy

Invention: Writing Process(es), Narrative Accumulation, & Research

Peer Review & the Future of Quality in Scholarly Publication

The Tao of Catch

Assaying the Essay:

NCTE-talk's Take on The Main Problem

The Main Problem

Literacy & Assimilation

A Symposium on the History of Computers and the Teaching of Writing

Morphing Editors: A Conversation about the Transformation of Editorial Roles


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