"Snapshots" is a common term in photography. We associate it with photos taken quickly, no time for the craft of arrangement or perhaps even consideration for aesthetics. The point is to capture something before it gets away.

Verbal snapshots perform the same function. They aren't meant to be pretty crafted texts. They might exhibit moments of grace, but accidentally, not as the result of painstaking effort. The point is to capture an idea. Ideas are slippery. They can get away while we're diddling with craft. The texts collected here are attempts to seize a moment. They may be pithy, sometimes witty, sometimes infuriatingly incomplete, but if they are provocative we'll consider them successful at what they are intended to do.

*** Fred Kemp
Classrooms: Morph or Die? An Alternative Described
Published: 11 February 1997
*** Rebecca Hocks
Toward a More Perfect Union
Published: 05 November 1996
*** John Perry Barlow
Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace
Last response: 07 July 1996
*** W. Scott Olsen
Against Speed: The Case for Reading
Last response: 20 May 1996
*** Mick Doherty & Elizabeth Pass
What's In A Name? What We Call What We Do And Why It Matters
Last response: 19 September 1996
*** Beth Baldwin
Evolving past the Essay-a-saurus:
Introducing nimbler forms into writing classes

Last response: 04 September 1996
*** Mike Salvo
Fatigued Fannies:
Do conventional conferences really help us confer?

Last response: 05 March 1996
*** Fred Kemp
The Main Problem:
Do Writing Teachers Write?

Last response: 06 January 1996
*** Eric Crump
The Grade:
Power Vortex in the Classroom

Last response: 21 January 1996


We would like to add to the collection. Have you seen something provocative on the net lately? Written something yourself that gets at something quickly and with a certain amount of impact? Please submit or nominate texts you think would be worth saving and sharing.

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