Re: CCCC Sessions--reply
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 07:10:22 -0600

I agree, Paula, that CCCC allows room or wide variety in presentation
style, etc. We all need only to adapt our material to the audience in
whatever orm seems most appropriate. I too usually write up my CCCC
presentations, since I worry about embellishing to much and going over the
time allowance. But I do think that the presenters who seem to draw us in
are either reading -- or talking --with a sense o the audience, adapting
style and substance to circumstance. I guess the grousing comes rom a
sense that the wide variety is not always there anymore, but that people
seem, sometimes, to be adopting a standard approach. Perhaps this could
be solved by identiying the plan in the program.

In praise o adaptability!

Twila (whose letters aren't all working on her keyboard)



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