wordrap rewrapped

RALPH WAHLSTROM (rwahlstr@staff.uwsuper.edu)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 21:18:16 -0600

Here's the repaired version (sorry, no post-colonial).

I have to admit I like these words. Here's my list, taken from
the other messages, with a few questionable terms added to keep the
thing moving along. I don't claim poetry here, and you have to work
at it to keep the beat, but it has a certain lilt.

Ralph W

Sophism, feminism, Marxism, Leninism
pedagogy, reify, community, hegemony
valorize, popularize, naturalize, problematize
practice, praxis, dialogic axis
postmodern, deconstruction, pedagogy, self-reflection
totalistic, terministic, situated, paradigm
prioritize, disabuse, exclusionary world views
discipline in composition, Foucault liked the Inquisition
discursive and delineate, orient, and situate
crossing borders, building bridges, phallo-centric, post-religious
otherness, and resonated, context and articulated
heuristic, center, marginal, empower, dialogical
lexical, semantic, interactional, syntactic
topoi, self, and agency, ambivalence, taxonomy
locus of contingency, cultural diversity
mediated, logocentric, critical, and epistemic
liberatory, cultural diversity, rhetorical
words like these,we'd like to shove `em
other hand, we gotta love `em



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