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Paula Gillespie

Is anyone from Alverno College reading along? Their entire program runs without grades. Georgine Loacker, who started the program at Alverno, will be on the CCCC program with Peter Elbow, talking about assessment.

I've just had the pleasure of teaching a FY comp class that was as free of grades as a course can be. The two main writing projects were collaborative, so grades were a non-issue, and were high (I know that's nothing like having a class where grades aren't used), but it freed the students from the dread of low grades and made them soar as a group, trying hard to make their reports effective for the four deans who had requested them. This was the best course I've ever taught. It was a wonderful experience for them and for me, and learning, lots of it, went on for us all.

They've asked to keep our email distribution list intact so we can keep in touch next semester.


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