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Eric Crump

I did something similar, Paula.

Basically, I attempted to distribute authority, something that gets talked about a lot but is very difficult to accomplish. Can't claim my class was completely successful. When I asserted that I would not *give* grades to anyone, that everyone would determine their own grade based on their own criteria, some flat out didn't believe it. Some tried to believe. A few got it.

And those who couldn't manage to really grasp the authority laid at their feet are blameless. The situation was utterly anomalous in their educational experience. Sort of like someone walking up to you on the street, someone you've never met, and saying you can have three wishes. Any sane person will be very skeptical.

by the way, I also had a number of students ask that their list and moospace be kept available so they could keep in touch. Whatever else went right or wrong in that class, this evidence of a sense of community made the whole thing worthwhile for me.


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