Re: [NCTE-TALK:2272] Re: "The Main Problem"

Julia L. Shields (
Sun, 14 Jan 96 22:32:45 EST

According to Eric Crump:
> On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Julia L. Shields wrote:
> > I went to www. Is that a URL? I don't know all this
> > terminology; I just push buttons.
> Julia,
> URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, but what's important to know
> about it is that refers to the addressing scheme on the world wide web.
> It's sort of like an email address for web documents. Most www browsers
> have some means of letting you go to specific URLs (as opposed to only
> following links on pages). In Netscape, for instance, you can choose
> 'open location' from the FILE menu and a box will appear. If you type in
> a URL (/rhetnet/snapshots.html in this
> case), Netscape will find and display the document at that address. Other
> browsers do the same thing but slighly differently. Lynx, for instance,
> has you type 'g' (for GO) and that opens a space to type in the URL.
> What browser are you using?
thanks. Lynx. I recognize that g command.
Julia Shields>