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!Maureen Fitzpatrick (mfitzpat@JCCCNET.JOHNCO.CC.KS.US)
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Three common "testimonials" I hear frequently that support the idea grades are
harmful to many students:

"It can't be a B paper--I've always recieved A's in English."

"I can't write--I'll be lucky to get a C in this class."

"I had an B in Comp I, but I'm barely passing--teachers are so subjective OR I
guess my last teacher was too easy."

With grades, students think writing is writing is writing--that all writing
tasks are the same, are trying to accomplish the same thing, and that they are
either good or bad--not that they have strengths and weaknesses to work from.


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On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Steve Finley wrote:
> Grades are sharp instruments used to divide groups of students
> imperfectly but meaningfully.

Meaningfully for who??

If yer counting beans, yeah. Teacher as administrator has to get a kick
out of averaging grades and plotting line graphs. Student as learner
isn't getting such a charge out of being divided & conquered & counted.

How bout: Grades are sharp instruments used to slice whole minds into
manageable parts.

Your turn...