finding "real" topics--how to...jan

Fri, 16 Aug 1996 16:44:07 -0500

Quick post.
USA Today often runs a pro/con topic on its editorial page...a topic of
current interest, usually nationwide or international in scope, and most fre
quently with opinions and facts on each side. Here in Chicago, the Chicago
Sun-Times and Ameritech opinion polls are daily, and similar.

You can collect up a week's worth of these ahead of time, or require
students to come in prepared to debate on either side. The Sun-Times also
links the poll topic to a news story that adds appropriate facts.

Sometimes the topics are lightweight; at others, serious. However, out of a
week or two worth of clippings, a student can usually find at least one idea
that he/she cares about enough to develop into a paper. Requiring students
to bring in clips each day and to have read enough to debate the
topic-of-the-day at least also helps in developing reading skills. You can
also, after initial debate, require the student to discuss orally the
position that opposes what he/she personally believes--based on the
"reverse" set of information.

Best, jan

Eric--I won't be web-literate for another 3 weeks till the new software
shows up. Will you please repost your websites with assignments to me
personally ( so I can download the file for use when I
am able to access you? Thanks. 8/16