Re: investing in writing and revision?

Beth W. Baldwin, Ph.D. (bobaldwi@HAMLET.UNCG.EDU)
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 16:40:45 -0400

"Tired old topic" on which students wanted to write: CRIME

Refreshing way to make it "real:"

1. Get students into computer lab
2. Locate a for-real inmate who's in a prison ed
3. Have students help inmate with a writing project
he's doing (which also happens to be prison reform)
4. Order sample issues of _Prison Life_ and _The Angolite_
so that they can read about issues from the "criminal"
point-of-view rather than liberal and/or conservative
articles written by "outsiders"
5. Save transcripts of "textual conversation" revolving
around inmate's text.
6. Talk about what your "textual talk" revealed -- the impact
of inmate's writing on students as audience.
7. Ask for collaboratively produced texts as feedback
to be returned to inmate.

A "tired old topic" that turned into the best class I've ever taught.
Real concern, real social exchange, real project, real fun, real


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