Re: Freewriting

Albert Rouzie (rouzie@CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 09:21:23 -0600

Nick wrote:
>In our classrooms we have to act. We're paid to act and no
>amount of postmodern irony will suffice to replace what we're paid to do,
>what we've taken out loans and other indentures against to do. So our
>radical angst gets tempered and put to some less idealistic use.
>Especially since we're stuck coming up with an ideal we can name, because
>once named and defined, someone'll deconstruct it on us.
>So maybe this is a good beginning, a good place to begin. How do we
>act? How do we balance our politics and ethos? What do we teach when we
>teach writing?

I am struck by Nick and Victor's seeming separation of what goes on here,
the theorizing about writing and what we do and classroom practice, not
there's no difference. But Victor wrote that the play and fun part is this,
not the teaching, and Nick notes that our own deconstructions have to stop
in order to teach. Why not turn the question "what is writing?," so suited
to exploration in electronic discourse, to the students and let them share
in the fun? Or am I (inevitably) misreading an undercurrent? The
proposal behind my "why not" is related to Eric and others' idea of linking
an anti-text to a student site.

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