Re: elite/elitism (fwd)

Carolyn Dean (jcdean@GETONTHE.NET)
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 02:00:11 -0600

> They kept
>talking about how what they really needed to do was train these freshmen to
>listen to and do _exactly_ what they said.
>I mean, don't
>you see how you're trying to impose a "master narrative" on your students,
>Steve Krause wrote

Yes, fycomp teachers must teach their students to follow directions, and
part of this is indeed following a 'master narrative' insomuch as they have
to learn what it is to be inside the box before they can break out of it.
Many of my fycomp students can't use the language effectively in simple
constructs. I'm not sure that introducing them to pomo language would get
them past those problems - nor would immersing them in real-time postmodern
dialog. (Perhaps you have to be mo before you can be pomo?)