Buried Child

Annie Armentrout (arabanne@BMTC.MINDSPRING.COM)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 23:44:46 -0500

Early yesterday evening, Eric was so good as to inquire (and convey the
question of others) as to my whereabout in the deluge that was unleashed
with my "the-emperor-ain't-wearing-no-clothes" crack.

On one hand, I feel like the guy in the crowded bar who yells a provocative
obscenity and when the denizen turn to look at him says, "Let's you and him
fight!" thereafter ducking under a table from whence he can watch in
relative safety the major free-for-all that ensues.

On the other, it is rather a pedagogic dream come true: I've often imagined
standing up in front of the class and making one remark so "inspiring" that
suddenly there follows among the students a highly articulate, stimulating
and enlightening discussion that is so intense I can't get a word in

In truth, the tidal wave broke with greatest force at the same time a small
crisis from a very different realm of my life, and I have had neither the
time nor brain power to fully keep up with the postings. What I finally
did was to print all the messages (I promise to recycle the paper!) and,
because they had been downloaded into two different unlinked computers (I
told you I lived in the sticks) put them in chronological order (or at
least time stamp order). There are more than 175 pages, though granted some
are really half pages or less. This exercise has given me a renewed
appreciation of the storage capacity of computers and raised questions
about time and order and how much of each is necessary for the
understanding of ideas and arguments.

Anyway, it is my honorable intention to read the thread, after which I may
throw in my two-cents worth, although I have the feeling I shall be
rendered quite overwhelmed and humbled speechless. Besides, by the time I
get everything processed through my poor old-fashioned wetware, all you
galloping RhetNeters will probably be off and running with some other
exciting topic.



PS--I apologize if this message is more personal than is good form here.