Re: displacement mapping

Steve Krause (krause@MIND.NET)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 08:01:35 -0700

Among other things, Anthony Rue wrote--
>For example, the current coverweb in Kairos had a rather, er, difficult
>birthing process. Lots of heated debate about either the place of theory
>in our little ol' corner of the institution or our presentation of
>theory/experimentation/pedagogy within a "composition" web journal. I
>don't remember which ;-). It was not a fun experience.

Yikes! As one of the people involved in that mess, I'd rather not revisit
_that_ matter again! And, in all seriousness here, I don't think it's fair
to equate that sitaution with this one, Tony. What you're talking about
was a lot more compliated than an issue of critical theory per se, IMHO.
But this isn't really the place to carry on the conversation.

But true goes on to say:

>I cut my teeth on film theory, mainly through the
>debates in the pages of Screen from 1981-87. The debate was old hat then.
>I guess this sort of thing goes in cycles, but I wonder if people are not
>responding as much to pressures well outside of the CFP for Space &
>or as the Prince Far I once sang, "the show is coming, it's going to be
>so... different."
I think this part I agree with. And I think this part-- the coming "show"
or "revolution" or "critical shift" or what-have-you has been in the
process of arriving (and departing) for quite some time. The "different"
is always a bit of a dangerous and nerve-racking experience. I mean, what
do our students first do when we ask them to do something that is
"different," even if it's potentially a "fun" different thing?

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