Re: More snapshots stuff-reply

Sat, 20 Jan 1996 10:15:36 -0500

I appreciated Kenneth's supportive commentary about secondary ed teachers.
I had an eye-opening experience four and half years ago when I was a fellow
in the Summer Institute of the Northern Virginia Writing Project. I was
the only college comp teacher among elementary, secondary, and LD teachers.
I came out of that five-week experience with a respect for public school
teachers and what they attempt to do in the classroom to develop the
literacy skills of their students. Of course, the WP inservice model gave
these teachers a supportive place to showcase their talents. So some
good teaching of writing is going on "out there"--

As for the "crisis" among entering first year students, didn't Harvard
face that situation over 100 years ago? The word 'crisis' (along with
the word 'revolution') continues to be a favorite buzzword in our culture--

Have you ever noticed how we teachers at various levels always seem to
be getting students ready for the next level (e. g., high school English
teacher getting students ready for FYC)? When do kids get to enjoy the
educational moment they are in?

One last question: Is the focus of this list issues related to the
teaching of first year composition or composition/writing in general
(as is Advanced Comp)?

Ruth Overman Fischer
English Dept
George Mason University
Farifax VA