Re: grades

Daniel Carter (abz@INCH.COM)
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 17:16:35 -0400

pardon folks,

for I come in real late in the show but I've been filing and filing and
filing the evolution of these 'grade-related' discussions for a good little
while. I'm not intricately up on everything in the least but you could say
that I've caught some of the aroma of the river and it's tributaries as
it/they flow by.

plain and simple I'm against grades especially as a policy that kids are
forced to be under as I was. I believe that it is a crime when
mandatory.(please refer me to relevant posts if possible.) you see, for
some children it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and torture; I
exaggerate not one iota.

as you all have been at these disgussions over a considerable period of
time, are there any of you who could cool me out with regard to my personal
grievance and my on-going concern for those kids who find themselves
crushed today by the all-pervasive universal policy of grades.

thank you