Re: grades

Dave Lewis (dkl@IWAYNET.NET)
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 00:15:03 -0400

>I'm with you, Eric, re standardized tests. *But* try this: what happens to them
>if we abandon grades? Don't standardized measures become even more the
>norm? Doesn't this simply ensure that we'll have such measures forever?
>(Sorry: the weather here is the pits. Makes me pessimistic.)

Gosh, I hope not! If we abandon grades, standardized tests would make even
less sense, IMHO. But they probably will need to be replaced with some
means of demonstrating competency for purposes of college entrance, job
procurement, whatever. (Or am I missing something obvious, again, Eric?)
How's the experiment with portfolios for admission to UMich working out?


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