Re: force

Mick Doherty (doherm@RPI.EDU)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 17:51:44 -0400

finley writes:

> Computers are electronic instruments

oh, i am SO tempted to start up that instrument-tool-realm
war again! computers are instruments? oooh, i'm biting my tongue ...
metaphorically, speaking of course.

besides, i don't make a big deal out of the tool-instrument differentiations
(nancy tucker, you out there?), focusing more on tool/realm ... scott
consigny, marshall mcluhan, etc. computers are ocommunications
technolgies,a nd thus extensions of the human sensorium. so while they
are tools we use for communicationg, eventually the technologies are
interiorized at a soceiteal level and they become realms in which we
exist. like the alphabet and the printed page before it ....

okay, i haddda say it. i said it. i feel better. please delete and
scroll ...