Re[4]: The school game

Michael Hamende (HamendeM@CTS.DB.ERAU.EDU)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:04:39 EST

"David Silve (Almost Dead White Male)" says:

"But I suggest that's exactly what has been happening over the thirty
years I have been teaching. In a sincere effort (I think) to rectify
the inequalities of the old system, we have substituted--nothing.
There is knowledge to be acquired, methods scientifical, mathematical,
etc. to be mastered, in effect content which the students learn and
demonstrate that they know. Personally, I like living in a liberal
democracy (Canada) and I am doing my best to perpetuate the system,
and teach the tradition from whence it evolved."

I don't know much about Canada or its system, so I am not in a
position to comment (intellegently) on it. I do however, suspect we
are talking about two very different systems or worlds?

Mike Hamende