Re[4]: The school game

Michael Hamende (HamendeM@CTS.DB.ERAU.EDU)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:00:49 EST

Gretchen says:

"Learning is indeed about creativity."

I think its a big part of it.

"And indeed we are asking for less of it than we used to--or perhaps
the world is expecting less."

I absolutely agree that there are far less expectations of all kinds.

"And I also agree that the system needs fixing somewhat--I'm not all
that sure it's shattered--since we,too, are products of the

I think we are products of a very different system in the sense that
it was smaller and still able to be somewhat about learning. Or maybe
learning happened in spite of the system.

"I do think it needs to evolve with a stronger emphasis on the
innovative thought needed to truly succeed in the world. Now, don't
ask me which world--because the future is still a bit foggy from my

No one knows what the future holds. I think it will be both scary and
wonderful. I do know innovative thought will be required, as will a
strong ethical grounding and a systemic concern.

"...but remember that if we work together on that world, it will be
better than what we face now..."

Yes, it needs to be about inclusion, not exclusion or "the other."

"I hope.:)"

Me Too. :-)

Mike Hamende