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Rhadical bomb?

Fred Kemp

Eric's mention of MBU (and the other lists I've worked) fits in with my belief in the strength of the Internet. It allows, strictly as a means of production and distribution, a type of open input impossible at any other time and with any other knowledge distribution means.

In other words, we are basing judgments of "control" on experiences that simply don't inform what is happening with WWW and the rest of it. We are caught in a way of thinking that came from a different knowledge distribution, MUCH different, than anything we are experiencing now.

Rhetnet, gone radical, has a major chance of bombing.

Well (yawn), next week we start Ghetnet or Metnet or Hangnail or whatever, and build in what we've experienced into the equation. That's progress.

That's the beauty of the Internet. Nobody's floating a $20,000 loan on this. Let's try it wide open.

It might just work.

Date:         Thu, 2 Feb 1995 18:46:58 -0600
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Subject:      Re: all: editing?

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